A professional with extensive experience and grit

Melanie's career in hair expertise began when she had the opportunity to work with top industry artists and clients of all walks, including celebrities and notable trend-setters, at the world-renowned Horst Education Center in Minneapolis. 

After receiving this top-tier hair stylist education, Melanie continued on to work with Paul Mitchell as well as Regis Corporation, and focused on continued growth in the area of education for hair stylists. She worked as a Regional Trainer and later as Artistic Director, traveling nationwide to salons where she taught stylists hands-on best practices and advanced trends.

Melanie Ash

Her role as trainer and marketer of best practices for Regis expanded to creating training DVDs and then leading the creative end of education for the newly-acquired Supercuts brand, where she developed and supported the creative and training for 15 years. In that time, she worked with 90 trainers throughout over 2,000 salons in all markets, working on photo shoots and commercials as well as public relations and interviews on behalf of the brand. These spots were featured on Fox, ESPN and Oprah, to name a few.

In her work within the hair industry, Melanie loved to develop others and became a sought-after resource for insight and education. This experience, as well as working with her own clients, deepened her understanding of what people really wanted, which inspired her to add to her repertoire of services. Now, when she works with clients on their outer beauty with head-turning hair styles, she can also offer them the transformative power of inner beauty services. This adds to the overall fulfillment that her clients receive, so they not only look great on the outside, they feel great on the inside.

Melanie Ash