In Their Words

What Melanie Ash clients have to say about their experience...

I had the pleasure and good fortune of meeting and working with Melanie last winter in Breckenridge. I got to experience the full benefits of her approach to Integrative beauty. I truly did get an inner and outer transformation that went well beyond my expectations. Melanie is a hair stylist who could work at the highest level of hair design in NY or LA, however she has chosen to follow her dream of helping people look and feel good.

I’ve been struggling with dissatisfaction in my career for many years. I have worked in the same profession for 20 years and I have hated it for at least the last 10 years. Yet, I found that I was always procrastinating, rationalizing,and making excuses to delay any significant change. I always found a reason to put it off and wait for “a better time”. After working with Melanie, I have been able to focus my energy and drive to go after my dreams. Specifically, I have taken the GRE and I’m making arrangements to begin school this coming January. I’m developing the confidence to take risks that will lead to real and lasting career change.

I was honestly not concerned about my hairstyle when I met Melanie. I did not initiate my work with her for that reason. However, I had been wearing the same hairstyle for the last 22 years. Something I didn’t really consider. I trusted Melanie to update my hairstyle and it has been an amazing and unexpected change. I look good and I feel much better about myself. It has allowed me to fully embrace change and transformation. Having a different look opened me up to feeling like I could be anything.
— Sean D.

From the very moment that I met her, I knew that I wanted to spend more time just being near her amazing energy. I immediately felt a very calming effect when I saw Melanie’s bright and infectious smile. She mentioned that she was an inner and outer beauty coach here in Breckenridge. Being one who is always working on self improvement, I was intrigued by what she had to offer. I made an appointment to get my hair done right away.

While doing my hair, Melanie modestly shared her story of worldly travels of doing hair and makeup for a bundle of very important people. It wasn’t long before I felt very important myself, just having the privilege to get my hair done by such a well trained professional. She mentioned that she was also available for an inner beauty consultation and that she was certified in several areas that I felt could use improvement in.

I was very interested in what she had to offer me in this regard because I had been trying to get a house that at times seemed almost unattainable. I was feeling as though I may have a few mental blocks and could use a little “clearing” in that area. The first of several “treatments” proved to be extremely helpful in many ways. Melanie was able to put me in a deeper state of relaxation/meditation than had ever been achieved on my own. She asked what my goals were, then was able connect with me while I was in this state of deep meditation, addressing each goal. I remember thinking at one point that I had never connected with anyone on that level before.

I felt this extraordinary love between her and I and she wasn’t even touching me! When I left the appointment that day, it felt as though I was floating. I felt very peaceful and clear. For the next several weeks, things just seemed to be going my way. All aspects of life were coming to me with much joy and ease. Doors that had not even appeared before, just opened up, right in front of me. The house that I had been trying so hard to get.....became available, to me and me only. I was no longer having to control or force anything. It was all coming to me very with glory and ease. When people asked how I was doing, there was only one word to describe the feeling that was flowing through me....BLISSFULL!

There is no doubt in my mind that the services Melanie provides for both inner and outer beauty are by far responsible for my continued blissfulness. I have and will continue to recommend all of these amazingly unique treatments that this incredibly talented lady provides. If you have the opportunity to visit with her for even a moment, you will also be in awe over the peace of mind, knowledge, and professionalism that Melanie Ash brings to your life.
— Shawna H.

You are inspiring me! Thanks!
— Holly

I am the only guy in the [kickboxing] class. For sure the only guy that is kicking ass. You are spot on. Keep the info flowing. Keep the troops pushing forward. Your emails do help. I am on round 3 now and I am one of the addicted ones but many are not. Many feel the pain and want to quit. Keep them going. Keep the emails flowing. They help. You are a bad ass. You are the example of success. Keep pushing the word.
— Gregg

I love my hair! It does not look like when you did it but it has my twist to it!!! I will need to make another appointment with you for the middle of March for just a hair cut—but you need to know I am so HAPPY!!!
— Julia

Love it. Thanks as always for the positive reinforcement, and for the hair yumminess. Feeling good after some good color!
— Amy

Wow....thank you so much!! I very much enjoyed our session and have referred you to a couple of girlfriends [who] are very interested in learning more about Reiki. I want to thank you for your expertise and showing how to look at life differently. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
— Amanda