Ever wish a haircut could fix your life, too?

Well, guess what? It can. With Melanie Ash Integrative Beauty, not only will you look great on the outside, you will feel great on the inside, where real beauty exists.

The entire approach that Melanie has created is about total beauty transformation: inner and outer beauty, together, working in harmony to create balance and power in your life. Sound perfect? It is because you are perfect already! And that's how you are seen by Melanie: whole, perfect and complete. Melanie has the training and tools to draw that out so you can see it too.

Melanie works with you at your pace and comfort level, and makes it all about you. Here's how it works:

1. Choose the Result you want

What do you want to focus on? Many come to Melanie for a new hair style and discover there is more to achieving the real result they want than a beautiful style catered to their energy and personality (which Melanie excels at). Here are a few general areas of results people often really want:

  • Improve the quality of a specific relationship
  • Get a better job that pays more and is more rewarding
  • Get in better shape with their health and overall wellness
  • Get more deeply connected with their spiritual side
  • Increase the flow of abundance into their life

2. Choose the Amount of Sessions

Everyone is on their own unique transformational path. Some prefer to take a deep dive and have more frequent sessions to address a current challenge. Others prefer to spread out their experience and take a softer approach they can savor. Or, some prefer to combine sessions with another program or target a specific date.

Based on what result you want to accomplish and your pacing preference, Melanie can recommend the amount of sessions that will work best.

That's it! Each session with Melanie is approximately 60 minutes, yet may vary depending on what you are working on. They can occur in person or over the phone. If you want to know more or schedule an appointment or complimentary new client consultation, click here. Scroll down to keep reading about the different total beauty transformations experiences you can enjoy.