Create richer insight and higher achievement.

Melanie Ash Integrative Beauty can also be a wonderful complement to an existing program or event. Increase the effectiveness of your team or group's journey by adding the benefits of inner beauty. Make whatever you are teaching or training your people have more potency and realization by inspiring their ability to achieve the goal you set forth for them.


Make Your program more powerful

By adding Melanie Ash's inner beauty component to your program, you not only increase the value of what you're offering, but you're also increasing the percentage of participant success. Why? Because this inner work is designed to improve the uptake and penetration of what you are teaching. It enables them to stay on track, push through the blocks that would normally make them give up and quit, and help them understand the impact of what they are learning with you.

Total-experience partnerships we support and work best with include:

  • Fitness Bootcamps
  • Elite Athlete Training
  • Retreats and Yoga Workshops
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Sales Team Training
  • Project Team Alignment and Support

Melanie Ash Integrative Beauty can also be integrated to any project or effort you and your team or group are working toward. Get the added benefit of a holistic approach and inspire your people to achieve goals faster and more powerfully. Click here to learn more information about aligning with Melanie Ash Integrative Beauty to enhance your next program or event.