Put the paint brush down and back away.

Popular culture and product-pushing mega corporations count on you to adopt their answers to beauty. You've been trained into thinking that you need stuff (clothes, muscles, makeup, lifts, implants, creams, tats, etc.) to ease your discomfort, and they might, temporarily. They count on this. They seductively imply their products and pitches will make you more "acceptable" and "attractive" and you get sucked into their perpetual product machine.


Rage at the machine and Take back your power

What they are totally missing, however, is that you already have access to the true answer: you now know that real beauty comes from within. But how do you tap that inner beauty? How do you emphasize and draw out what is inherently yours and feel the relief of real empowerment?

beaming vitality awaits your rediscovery. it's who you really are. Come. Let's reveal it together.