In her own words...

"I believe that everyone deserves to thrive and radiate true beauty, which is their natural state. The reality is that life can take a toll and leave us feeling not so beautiful, inside or out. My desire is to help people reconnect with their true beauty by working with them to find the path toward balance. 

"In the beginning of my professional career, I focused on outer beauty and became an expert at hair styling. Over time I noticed that what my clients really wanted wasn't a quick fix that provided a temporary high of good looks. What they really wanted was to feel more fulfilled, vibrant and excited about reaching their goals.

Melanie Ash

Melanie Ash

"Mid-way through my career I began studying healing therapies, having taken a strong interest in the value of doing inner work to release blockages and recover balance in health, relationships, spirituality—all areas of life. As I continued doing hair, I started integrating what I was learning through wellness modalities like Reiki and self-hypnosis to deepen the service to my clients and help them achieve what they really wanted.

"The results spoke for themselves. Clients worked with me in sessions on their areas of challenge, whether it was improving a relationship, getting a house, winning a contract—it didn't matter. It was something important to them, and their blocks were keeping vitality and happiness at bay. After a few sessions, they would feel so much better and freer, and to me, that seemed like a more important place to begin.

"My Integrative Beauty approach evolved through striking a balance between inner vitality and outer appearance. It makes me so happy to be able to help people feel good on the inside as well as how they look on the outside, and I love what I do!"

—Melanie Ash